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By Allan G. Hunter

Addressing the necessity to comprehend the function of affection in lifestyles, this compendium of startling insights relates like to the religious improvement in each one of six common archetypes. making an attempt to answer such questions as what's love? How will we locate it and the way will we hold it? Why are there such a lot of complicated kinds of it? and Why accomplish that many folks get it so wrong?, the book exhibits how love pertains to the self-awareness in non secular improvement for every archetype. no matter if describing an blameless, a Magician, a Monarch, an Orphan, a Pilgrim, or a Warrior-Lover, the featured archetype profiles provide crucial suggestions approximately what point of know-how is at the moment being lived, tips to transition to the subsequent degree, and the way love should be nurtured. every one degree of improvement is tied to the traditional knowledge of the Tarot—the visible photos of which act as reminders as to what to anticipate on life's journey—supported via real-life and dad tradition examples that supply extra instant accessibility.

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The lessons that the very young child learns are therefore all about love in its most pure and powerful form. It gives us an extra jolt when one considers Jesus’ advice that we should be as little children as we go through the world. It’s not worldly advice. It won’t make you CEO of a Fortune 500 company. It’s spiritual advice. We can render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, or we can render unto God what is God’s, but at some point we’ll have to decide which one we want to put first. If we put pure love first, Jesus said, then we really don’t have to worry about worldly things.

Humans routinely test limits, whether they are athletic limits or speed limits on the freeway. ” In each case that sense of being special depends upon the sense of being loved for our own sakes that we learned at the breast and in childhood. Think about that next time you’re speeding. Probably that’s one reason we all seem to resent the traffic cop who tickets us. How could he do this to me? Doesn’t he know how late I am already? Yet why should we resent him for doing something that keeps us all safer?

And it is the Innocent within us that prompts us to imagine new worlds, where poverty can be eradicated, where preventable diseases can be defeated, and where we can exist in harmony. All great humanitarian movements have sprung from the highest version of the Innocent archetype. Since we all begin as Innocents, and the Innocent represents the purest form of love and trust we can have, it is our task to try and maintain free and ready access to this quality throughout in our lives. This quality in us will grow and develop if we let it.

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