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By José Maria de Eça de Queirós

Set in Lisbon on the shut of the 19th century, The Maias is either a coming-of-age novel and a passionate romance.
Our hero Carlos Maia, inheritor to 1 of the best fortunes in Portugal, is wealthy, good-looking, beneficiant and clever: he potential to do anything for his state, whatever invaluable, whatever that would make his loved grandfather proud. even if, Carlos can be a bit a dilettante. He drifts alongside, changing into a physician and pottering approximately in his laboratory, yet spends progressively more time using his best horses or vacationing the theater, having affairs or interpreting novels. His ally and leader accomplice in crime, Ega, is also engaged in a protracted summertime of witticisms and enjoyment. Carlos despite the fact that is decided on a useless reckoning path with fate—with the affection of his lifestyles and with a poor, poor secret...

Newly translated via the acclaimed translator Margaret Jull Costa (translator of José Saramago's Blindness), New instructions is proud to carry Eça de Queirós' terrific prose to lifestyles for American readers for the 1st time.

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