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Download Pnictides and Chalcogenides I by K. Adachi, S. Ogawa (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.) PDF

By K. Adachi, S. Ogawa (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

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NMR: [75Gl, 76K4-J. Miissbauer effect: of Ni [76C 1,76K 43; of Fe doped Ni(S, Se), [78N 11. III. Specific heat: [86 S 11: Fig. 100. Thermal expansion: [73 J 11. 5; seealso Fig. 95. Resistivity vs. T: [71 W 1, 73B 1, 74 J 1, 770 1, 80K 23; Fig. 101; pressure dependence: [71 W 1, 76K4, 77K 13. Metal-insulator transition: [71 W 1, 73B1, 7451, 75G1, 76C1, 77K 1, 83M 1, 85M1, 86Sl]. 5 0 Fig. 95. O). Magnetic phasediagram. param: paramagnetic. semic: semiconductor [76 C I]. Heavy solid line: semiconductor- metal transition.

Mn,Cu, -=Tez I. 67 [70 B 1-J. Lattice constant: Table 6. II. 67 [70B 11; seeTable 6 for further magnetic properties. III. Electric conduction: seeTable 6. Mn,Zn, -,S, I. 73 [70B 11. Lattice constant: Table 7. II. 35 [70 B 11; seeTable 7 for magnetic properties. III. Electric conduction: seeTable 7. Adachi, Ogawa Table 6. Mn,Cu, -,X,. Lattice constant, magnetic susceptibility at 300K, effective magnetic moment, number of spins per Mn atom calculated from pefh Weiss constant, saturation magnetic moment, number of spins per Mn atom calculated from pms,and Curie temperature [70 B I].

7 at low temperatures [68 J 1, 74 0 1, 79 0 I] ; see Fig. 2 (p. 9) and Fig. 74. Curie temperature Tc: [68 J I, 74 0 I]; see Fig. 68. Ntel temperature TN: [740 I]; Fig. 95) [74M I]. Temperature dependence of susceptibility: [68 J I, 74 0 I]; Figs. 75,76. Magnetization curve of metamagnetic state [74 0 I]. Mijssbauer effect of doped Fe: [79 N 3,79 N 41. III. Specific heat: [76 0 I]; see Fig. 70. 9) [76 K I]. 8 [74 0 I, 77 M 1, 79 0 I, 80 M I]; see Fig. 2 (p. 9); temperature dependence: [74 0 I,80 M I]; Fig.

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