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By Vincenzo Balzani, Alberto Credi, Belen Ferrer, Serena Silvi (auth.), T. Ross Kelly (eds.)

"In my opinion, this ebook offers deep perception into this attention-grabbing, not easy, and more and more vital field.
Are you curious about molecular machines and searching out a accomplished booklet to profit the real actual paradigms and artificial innovations? Do you train molecular machines in a chemistry or engineering direction at a faculty and want to comprise the standard and a few strange experimental innovations on your direction? Are you a professional in molecular machines and want to stay alongside of fresh advancements? do you want to understand why the paintings on molecular machines is difficult the vintage definition of chemical engineering? the reply to all 4 questions is identical: here's the ebook for you! "(Stefan H. Bossmann, Kansas kingdom college, J.AM.Chem.soc. vol.128, No.32, 2006, JA0697301)

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Collin et al. Fig. 18 Metallation–demetallation of the rotaxane induces a complete changeover of the molecule. 2 Use of a Chemical Reaction to Induce the Contraction/ Stretching Process of a Muscle-Like Rotaxane Dimer Linear machines and motors are essential in many biological processes such as, in particular, contraction and stretching of the skeletal muscles. In relation to “artificial muscles”, one-dimensional molecular assemblies able to undergo stretching and contraction motions thus represent an exciting target.

Samorì B, Zuccheri G, Baschieri P (2005) Chem Phys Chem 6:29 23. : Christ T, Kulzer F, Bordat P, Basché T (2001) Angew Chem Int Ed 40:4192 24. Goodsell DS (2004) Bionanotechnology—Lessons from Nature. Wiley, New York 25. Balzani V, Credi A, Raymo FM, Stoddart JF (2000) Angew Chem Int Ed 39:3348 26. (2001) Acc Chem Res 34, no 6. Special Issue on Molecular Machines 27. (2001) Struct Bond 99. Special Volume on Molecular Machines and Motors 28. Balzani V, Credi A, Venturi M (2003) Molecular Devices and Machines—A Journey into the Nano World.

10 Square scheme in the threaded compounds. Subscripts 4 and 5 indicate the copper coordination number in each complex. The stable Cu(I)(4) complex is oxidized to an intermediate tetrahedral divalent species Cu(II)(4) , which undergoes a rearrangement to afford the stable Cu(II)(5) complex. Upon reduction, a Cu(I)(5) species is formed as a transient, which finally reorganizes to regenerate the starting complex. The black circle represents Cu(I) and the white circle represents Cu(II) 52+ 5 . Changing the CN of the copper center from four to five, and vice versa, corresponds to gliding the ring from one position to the other.

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