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Download Micro-Doppler Characteristics of Radar Targets by Qun Zhang, Ying Luo, Yong-an Chen PDF

By Qun Zhang, Ying Luo, Yong-an Chen

Micro-Doppler features of Radar Targets is a monograph on radar target’s micro-Doppler impression thought and micro-Doppler function extraction ideas. The micro-Doppler impression is gifted from facets, together with micro-Doppler impression research and micro-Doppler function extraction, with micro-Doppler results triggered through varied micro-motional ambitions in several radar structures analyzed and a number of other equipment of micro-Doppler function extraction and three-d micro-motion function reconstruction presented.

The major contents of this publication comprise micro-Doppler impression in narrowband radar, micro-Doppler influence in wideband radar, micro-Doppler impact in bistatic radar, micro-Doppler function research and extraction, and 3-dimensional micro-motion characteristic reconstruction, etc.

This ebook can be utilized as a reference for clinical and technical body of workers engaged in radar sign processing and automated objective attractiveness, and so on. it's in particular appropriate for newcomers who're attracted to examine on micro-Doppler impact in radar.

  • Presents new perspectives on micro-Doppler results, reading and discussing micro-Doppler influence in wideband radar instead of concentrating on narrowband
  • Provides a number of new equipment for micro-Doppler characteristic extraction that are very valuable and sensible for readers
  • Includes functional circumstances that align with major MATLAB codes in every one bankruptcy, with particular application annotations

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Vt þ Rconing Rspinning r 0 , thus n can be approximated as nzR0 =kR0 k, which is the  unit vector in the direction of radar sight line. The first term of Eq. 43) where l is the wavelength of transmitted signal. 49) 30 Micro-Doppler Characteristics of Radar Targets b 03 b 0s and u b 03 b 0c are applied in the process of derivation, respecwhere u s ¼ Àu c ¼ Àu tively. By inserting Eq. 46) to Eq. 49) into Eq. 51) þA4 sinðUc tÞcosðUs tÞ þ A5 cosðUc tÞsinðUs tÞ þA6 cosðUc tÞcosðUs tÞ þ A7 sinðUs tÞ þ A8 cosðUs tÞ; where A1 ¼ ÁT 2fc _T À b 02 b 02 b 02 r 0 Uc u n; c þ Uc u c u s c A2 ¼ ÁT 2fc _T À b 0c þ Uc u b 0c u b 02 r 0 Uc u n; s c 31 Micro-Doppler Effect in Narrowband Radar A3 ¼ A5 ¼ ÁT 2fc _T À b 02 b 0s þ Us u b 0c u b 02 n; r 0 Uc u c u s c ÁT 2fc _T À b 0c u b 0s À Us u b 02 b 02 n; r 0 Uc u c u s c A7 ¼ ÁT 2fc _T À b 02 b 02 b 02 n; r 0 Us u s þ Us u c u s c A4 ¼ A6 ¼ ÁT 2fc _T À b 0c u b 0s À Uc u b 02 b 02 n; r 0 Us u c u s c ÁT 2fc _T À b 0c u b 02 b 02 b 0s n; r 0 À Uc u s À Us u c u c A8 ¼ ÁT 2fc _T À b 0s þ Us u b 02 b 0s n; r 0 Us u c u c Eq.

Now we will analyze the influence on micro-Doppler effect of returned signal when the radar platform is vibrating. First, we take the target with rotation into account. The geometry of the radar and target shown in Fig. 1 can be redrawn as Fig. 8 when the radar platform is vibrating. The radar platform is vibrating along the direction indicated by the arrow at a frequency fR with an amplitude DR and the azimuth and elevation angle of the vibrating direction in the radar coordinates are a0 and b0, respectively.

12 Micro-Doppler feature of procession target. 1 Range Imaging The change of stepped-frequency chirp signal waveform in time sequence is shown in Fig. 13. LFM signal is the subpulse of stepped-frequency signal. 44) where u(t) ¼ rect(t/T1) exp(jpmt2) is the LFM subpulse. The modulated gradient of subpulse is m. The width of subpulse is T1, and PRF of subpulse is Tr. The carrier frequency of subpulse i is f0 þ iDf, and its initial phase is qi. The number of steppedfrequency chirp signals in a set of pulses is N.

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