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Download Al-Mutanabbi : voice of the 'Abbasid poetic ideal by Margaret Larkin PDF

By Margaret Larkin

"Abu'l-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi (915-965) is usually considered as the best of the classical Arab poets, together with his paintings occupying a different place on the middle of Arab tradition. Born the son of a water-carrier in Kufah, Iraq, al-Mutanabbi lived a tumultuous lif.

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Not only was he generously paid for his poetry, but for the first time he felt that he was receiving the respect that he deserved, both from the governor, and from members of his administration, who received him as a dignitary in their own courts. EYE ON THE HAMDANID PRIZE Al-Mutanabbi’s ambition would not let him rest on his laurels, and his Arab pride yearned for a kindred spirit as patron. After several months of tranquility and security, al-Mutanabbi left Ramlah with the goal of establishing a connection with the Hamdanid ruler of Aleppo, Sayf al-Dawlah.

In the concluding verses of this ode alMutanabbi, already assuming the prerogative of the confident panegyrist, takes on the role of judge of what true generosity is and invokes the traditional power of the poet to make or break someone’s reputation for liberality, while also encouraging his patron to be as generous as possible in rewarding him for the poem. EARLY CAREER IN SYRIA After his stay in Baghdad, al-Mutanabbi spent two years in Syria, where his experience was scarcely better than it had been in the capital.

In this elegy, al-Mutanabbi is articulating a new ethic for a new age, using the terms set by the old edifice. THE IKHSHIDID CONNECTION By the end of 941, al-Mutanabbi, frustrated with the insecurity and the modesty of his circumstances, put aside his aversion to panegyrizing non-Arab rulers, and set his sights on the court of Muhammad al-Ikhshid, who had regained control over much of Syria. He composed a number of panegyrics in honor of figures associated with al-Ikhshid, including the captain of his navy, in the hope of gaining an entrée to his court.

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