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By Florentin Smarandache

We wish to invent our personal common sense, that may be the other of the strictly educational strategy. To an it appears illogical assertion we strive getting an evidence and hence making up a distinct common sense that validates this fake assertion, simply because - as in algebraic buildings - a press release may be invalid with admire to a legislations, and legitimate with appreciate to a different legislation. And reciprocally: during this e-book we reversely interpret classical precise effects! arithmetic in counter-sense... [It appears to be like non-sense, however it has a few sense.] during this approach we create and recreate humorous difficulties not just in math yet in any medical and humanistic box. in fact, the method of training technological know-how is especially a lot misused and amused during this book...

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Several formulas 2. Exercises for not applying certain formulas and algorithms in: - Given conditions - Certain algorithm. 3. Graphical exercises in: 43 non-computational - Non-configuration of the data of theorems or problems - Graphical constructions 4. Exercises that allow the unlearning of certain notions. 4. The disproof method Misusing this method means the non-presentation, non-description and non-explanation of a demonstrative material (it is in fact the methodological non-conversion of the intuition principle).

Hence, the unlearning method is the nonprocess of helping the student not to conquer nor achieve new knowledge. Classification: Unlearning methods misclassified into two; namely: are broadly  Traditional methods  Inactive or modern methods The methodology of unlearning in a modern system is the instrument with which the student will not acquire knowledge and skills independently or with the teacher’s help. This method in classical sense is the modality by which a teacher fails to transmit the knowledge and the student dissimilates it.

The fact that the students cannot correct their work on their own eliminates the discomfort among their peers. Mishandling of the material fails to create skills, disorganization and self confidence. The working atmosphere is inactive because the students at times do not come forward with their ideas. The usage of consolidation contributes to the creation of a climate of non-receptivity, this also happens during the scheduled hours when there is no consolidation 5. Non-programmed education 52 This method consists of the non-distribution of the material of study in simpler units or non-informational sequences which cannot be assimilated at one session by not displaying the problem to the students and asking them to execute the inactivity for its disproof.

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