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By Margaret Wetherell

In recent times there was a surge of curiosity in have an effect on and emotion. students are looking to detect how everyone is moved, and comprehend embodied social motion, emotions and passions. How do social formations 'grab' humans? How do curler coasters of contempt, patriotism, hate and euphoria strength public existence? This booklet systematically reports study on impact and emotion in neuroscience, social psychology, sociology, and political technology. It develops a critique of the 'turn to impact' and argues for an method in response to affective perform. It offers new analyses to give an explanation for how impact travels, settles, circulates and coalesces.

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32) places particular emphasis on the claim that this ‘state of emotion’ precedes any feelings or thoughts I might develop. The preorganised body flow and orchestrated changes in the body landscape come first, he says, because basic mechanisms of life regulation (homeostasis processes), which include emotions, occurred in evolution long before the development of the kind of brain apparatus that might enable feelings and thoughts. The ‘state of feeling’ and the ‘state of knowing the feeling’ The next stage in Damasio’s model, ‘a state of feeling’, is also a biological event occurring again below the level of consciousness.

But it seems likely these are on a continuum with what the body is doing at every point of life. In this sense, bursts of intense affect are less uncanny, eerie and weird than they may appear. They effloresce as part of broader flows and dynamic processes, registered through the ongoing, unceasing updating of body/brain landscapes. This is a useful way of thinking about the body in social practice, a flow immersed in other flows. We can begin to ask about the process of meshing as the flowing body connects with the unfurling flow of social interaction, the composition of social spaces, and the comparatively glacial flows of individual life trajectories and social formations.

Their account of the latest picture from the neurobiology of affect picks out many of the distributed brain areas that Damasio also highlights, but they do not feel able to maintain specificity or innate templates for particular emotions (cf. , 2007). indd 40 AFFECT AND EMOTION 30/11/2011 5:58:07 PM the assumption he associates with Silvan Tomkins that ‘there is a circuit in the brain that orchestrates a cascade of responses that are specific to each emotion’ (p. 130). g. Abu-Lughod and Lutz, 1990; Lutz, 1988; Rosaldo, 1980, 1984; Shweder and LeVine, 1984).

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