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Download Adolescence & Developmental Breakdown: A Psychoanalytic View by Moses Laufer;M.Egle Laufer PDF

By Moses Laufer;M.Egle Laufer

During this e-book, Moses and Egle Laufer contend that critically disturbed teens could be assessed and taken care of psychoanaytically, and that their ailment differs from related affliction in older sufferers, and that the psychopathology has its conflicts over the sexually mature physique.

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He experiences his body as constant proof that he has given in or surrendered passively, with the feeling that he has submitted to regressive demands. Being the victim of the regressive pull is often expressed by projecting the hatred of his own body onto the mother, with the feeling that he has now surrendered to her. The developmental breakdown takes place at puberty, and its timing is tied directly to the adolescent's reaction to the sex­ ual maturation of his body. For the male, this maturation means the ability to produce semen, to ejaculate, and to im­ pregnate the female; for the female, it means ovulation, the ability to become pregnant and grow a child in her body, and to menstruate at regular intervals when not pregnant.

Paul said he did not mind this because at least somebody was inter­ ested in him. During the period of the treatment, and for some time prior to it, he had almost no contact with his parents. He believed that all they wanted was to get him to conform and to be a good son. He repeatedly stated that he did not care what hap­ pened to either parent, but at the same time he waited anx­ iously for letters from his mother. For much of the year in treatment, he was unable to keep a job because of the difficulty he had getting up in the morning.

In breakdown the unconscious meanings that the adolescent can give to the significance of his sexually mature body have limited possibilities, even though the range of manifest behav­ ior seems so vast. These include the destruction of oedipal identifications, the possibility of incest, the possibility of devel­ oping in a sexually abnormal way, the loss of narcissistic perfec­ tion, and the fact of having either a male or a female body even though this may be denied in fantasy. Whatever meaning any one of these possibilities has for the adolescent at the time of the breakdown, it has a direct link to the adolescent's reaction to having to separate his body from his incestuous objects and his oedipal past and to differentiate it into either a male or a female one.

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