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Download Actinide Elements and their Compounds with other Elements. by R. Troc, W. Suski (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.) PDF

By R. Troc, W. Suski (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

Volume 19 if workforce III bargains with the magnetic homes of metals, alloys and metal compounds. the volume of data to be had during this box isso enormous that quantity III/19 needed to be break up into a number of subvolumes. Subvolumes III/19a via III/19f deal with the intrinsic magnetic homes, i.e. these houses which rely in simple terms at the chemical composition and the crystal constitution. to this point, subvolumes III/19a, III/19b, III/19c, III/19d, III/19e and III/19f1 have seemed. Subvolume III/19f covers the magnetic homes of actinide components and their compounds. half 1 is anxious with the actinide components and their compounds with 3d, 4d and 5d-elements. the current half 2 includes details on compounds with major crew components. A entire index of drugs for volumes III/19a ... III/19f is integrated. info at the homes that rely on the practise of the samples measured, as for example, skinny motion pictures, amorphous alloys or the magnetic alloys utilized in technical functions, of III/19, viz. III/19g, III/19h and III/19i, of which III/19g, III/19h and III/19i2 have already been published.

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A two-component model was applied which requires both heavy (yr) and light (ya) electrons as well as their interactions. Thus C(T) is given by the equation, C(T) = y,T{ 1 + 7c2T2/3 [7/5&'/p, - (p;/p#]}, where pr is the DOS of the fcomponent taken as Lorentzian. For details see original paper [87Fl]. 5 0 a 100 200 T- 300 400 0 K 500 b 2 4 6 8 10 K 12 T- Fig. 51. UBe,,. (a) Lattice heat capacity. Cb vs. Tfor UBe,, as calculated from the deduced phonon density of statesdetermined by inelastic neutron scattering of a polycrystalline sample and analysed on the basis of a Bornvan-Karman model [SSRS].

T NQR-derived relaxation rate, To, of U moments above 50 K 63Cu Knight shift for two Cu atomic sites Multi-q structures at 1 a.. 15 K from NMR Formation of energy gap below 1 K l/T, vs. T around 1 K u+SR: v,, vs. 2 An-Cu: survey [Ref. p. ) Crystal structure, magnetic and related properties Fig. 05 Q, R, vs. 1% T 95 96 98 97 Table Ref. 8723 8504, 9301 8703 87B5 87T3 8801 Apfp vs. s. *20K and up to 20T (hysteresis) C,/T vs. 15 . 5 K) = 400 mJ/mol K* C,/T vs. 6 K and 14 T (H, 7’)-magnetic phase diagram up to 40 T INS: magnetic scattering 103 Elastic properties 92Y2 87Wl 9OVl (H,T)-phase diagram at LT 93 86B3 XPS and BIS spectra Resonant photoemission Shift of X-ray L,,-line vs.

T. :. S. A*. ~ . ** . I . . . . . * I 0 2 4 6 8 K 10 Fig. 61. 3 and 10 K [8401]. Note that E increases below 7 K as C/T does (compare Fig. 48) with decreasing temperature. For temperature dependenceof c( up to 80 K see [89Dl]. The Griineisen parameter extrapolated to T = 0 is & (0) = 60 [90Dl]. II I 2 4 T- Land&-Biimstein New Series III/1912 I I I I 6 8 10 K 12 Fig. 62. Coefficient of volume thermal expansion o+ of single crystalline UBe,, in zero (solid line) and in fields up to 8 T, measured along and perpendicular to the field (HII [loo]) [92D2].

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