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By Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey, the host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, can't count number the variety of remarkable girls he's met through the years, even if it's in the course of the "Strawberry Letters" phase of his software or whereas on journey for his comedy indicates. those are girls who can run a small company, hold a family with 3 young children in tiptop form, and chair a church team all while. but by way of relationships, they can't work out what makes males tick. Why? in accordance with Steve it's simply because they're asking different ladies for suggestion whilst nobody yet one other guy can inform them how to define and retain a guy. In Act Like a girl, imagine Like a Man, Steve we could girls contained in the frame of mind of a guy and sheds lighting fixtures on thoughts and questions similar to:

—The 90 Day Rule: Ford calls for it of its staff. if you require it of your guy?

—How to identify a mama's boy and what if something you are able to do approximately it.

—When to introduce the youngsters. And what to learn into the 1st interplay among your date and your children.

—The 5 questions each girl should still ask a guy to figure out how severe he's.

— And more...

Sometimes humorous, occasionally direct, yet consistently honest, Act Like a girl, imagine Like a Man is a ebook you need to learn that will know how males imagine in terms of relationships.

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Plain and simple. ” I internalized the message—if I got a fresh haircut and I put on a nice suit, my mother would compliment me, and I would walk out of the house with my shoulders squared and head held high because my mother said I looked good and she was encouraging me to be presentable. And my father’s chest was out as far as mine because every Sunday, she reminded him that he made it all possible; she kissed and thanked him every Sunday. ” Those simple words give us the strength to keep on doing right by you and the family.

Most of the time, it feels to us that your response is determined not wholly by what is rational, but mostly by how you’re feeling that particular day, at that particular moment. A perfect example: your man can lick you on the same breast with the same amount of moisture in the same exact position that had you hollering and screaming last night, and this evening, you will look at him and say, with conviction, “What are you doing? ” And now he’s all confused because, hey, if you lick him on that spot and he liked it yesterday, he’s going to like it today and tomorrow and the day after that, too.

But even more? No man wants to sit around gabbing with you like we’re one of your girlfriends. Ever. It’s just not in our DNA to lounge around, sip coffee, and dab at our eyes with tissue as if we’re in an AA meeting or on some psychologist’s couch trying to get things off our chest. When men are talking, and especially when they’re listening, it’s with purpose. We don’t vent. We just want to fix whatever situation is upsetting the balance. We understand that this frustrates you time and time again, because sometimes you want to talk to share and get someone else’s take on a situation—you know, put a listening ear on it.

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