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By Paul Adelman;Robert Pearce

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These years also saw the emergence of an Irish party in the House of Commons, led by O’Connell, who was able to use his commanding position as leader of a small but significant third party to play off Whigs against Conservatives and thus extract reforms for Ireland. But O’Connell proved to be more than just a parliamentary politician. The County Clare election had shown what could be achieved by the power of mass opinion in Ireland, organised by political activists and under clerical influence. ’ What had been achieved once, as both O’Connell and his enemies perceived, could perhaps be achieved again.

Physically and mentally these events took their toll. ’ Was O’Connell out of touch in his last years? Key terms The Colleges Bill Daniel O’Connell, ‘The Liberator’ | 47 Key date Key term Supporters of Daniel O'Connell celebrate his acquittal and release from prison. He spent three months in prison accused of attempting to repeal the Act of Union. Doctrinaire Committed to carry principles to their extremes without compromise – in this case the cause for an independent Ireland. Young Ireland leaders left the Catholic Association: 1846 Split with ‘Young Ireland’ The cause of Repeal was indeed worsened by O’Connell’s personal and ideological disputes with the leaders of Young Ireland.

Were not their loyalties divided, between allegiance to the Crown and support for the Pope at Rome? The Prince Regent, like his father, King George III, before him, maintained an obstinate opposition to Catholic Emancipation during the years of his Regency, 1811–20. Thus, before the 1820s, all the bills introduced into the House of Commons by supporters of Emancipation were rejected by large majorities. In Ireland too the Catholic cause made little headway. The leaders of the Emancipation campaign, who were mainly members of the Roman Catholic upper class, were unwilling to seek active popular support and were cautious and conciliatory in their dealings with the authorities.

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