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By Kregg P. Jorgenson

The true-to-life tale of a Ranger who volunteered to serve on a Blue crew within the Air Cavalry, racing to assistance from infantrymen who confronted a similar hazards he had slightly survived within the jungles of Vietnam. no matter if enduring NVA sniper assaults, surviving "friendly" fireplace, or touchdown in sizzling LZs, Jorgenson stumbled on that during Vietnam you by no means knew no matter if you have been paranoid or simply painfully conscious of the possibilities.

From the Paperback edition.

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Like most rear-area supply storage depots, it was run like a general store, a tropical 7-11 for all the staples of war. A sign on one of its two doors displayed its hours of operation. For those who worked there, the war was a nine to five workday. A staff sergeant, watching our truck drive us and drop us off, eyed us with disdain. In a short, staccato speech he told us that we’d enter alphabetically through the door marked IN, pick up our gear, sign for our rifles, and exit through the door marked OUT.

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