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By B. Predel (auth.), B. Predel (eds.)

For all people fascinated by the expertise and alertness of metals and alloys and with the advance of recent steel fabrics a close wisdom of part equilibria is necessary. additionally, info at the thermodynamical and crystallographical info of the platforms less than research is vital, and infrequently metastable crystalline levels in addition to quasicrystalline or amorphous alloys are of interest.

The first quantity of this sequence has been released in 1991. due to the fact then a amazing growth within the research of binary alloys has been accomplished, which necessitates a compilation of the recent information in complement volumes. the current subvolume IV/12 kinds the complement to the subvolume IV/5A. It covers the literature as much as the yr 2000.

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In parentheses: estimated values. 5 X2 (g) where X = element, (c) = crystalline, and (g) = gaseous. 10 ________ 1 ) Bull. : "JANAF Thermochemical Tables", Third Edition, Am. Chem. , Am. Inst. : "Selected Values of the Thermodynamic Properties of the Elements", Metals Park, Ohio: Am. Soc. Met. : Bull. 36 Enthalpies of transition of elements in the solid state Transformation enthalpies, ∆HT, at the transformation point were taken from the compilation published by Chase 1). Estimated values are in parentheses.

Bull. 2825 α-Ho γ-Ho K-I K-II hcp hex bcc ? 45 K-III ? 2 K Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Data of Binary Alloys Modification Crystal structure Structure type N-II tetr α-Nd γ-Nd Pb-I Pb-II α-Pr γ-Pr α-Rb β-Rb γ-Rb Sb-I hex fcc fcc hcp hex fcc bcc ? 3) and Chase 4). The given ∆H F values are valid for the melting point. In parentheses: estimated values. 0 (for 0 K), entropy S 0 and heat capacity C p0 (for 298 K) are taken Enthalpy of sublimation, ∆Hsubl from the compilation given in the "Bulletin of Alloy Phase Diagrams" 1).

B. (Editor-in-Chief): “Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams”, second edition, The Materials Information Society, ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio (1992) Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Data of Binary Alloys 1 Ac – Cr (Actinium – Chromium) Phase diagram Ac-Cr alloys, by splat cooling, can very easily solidify in an amorphous state [83 Gie]. C. ), North Holland, New York (1983) 289 Phase Equilibria, Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Data of Binary Alloys 1 Ac – Cu (Actinium – Copper) Phase diagram On the basis of systematic considerations Gulyaev et al.

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