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By Basil Gordon (auth.), Basil Gordon (eds.)

There are many technical and well known bills, either in Russian and in different languages, of the non-Euclidean geometry of Lobachevsky and Bolyai, some of that are indexed within the Bibliography. This geometry, also known as hyperbolic geometry, is a part of the necessary material of many arithmetic departments in universities and academics' colleges-a reflec­ tion of the view that familiarity with the weather of hyperbolic geometry is an invaluable a part of the history of destiny highschool lecturers. a lot cognizance is paid to hyperbolic geometry through college arithmetic golf equipment. a few mathematicians and educators occupied with reform of the highschool curriculum think that the mandatory a part of the curriculum may still comprise components of hyperbolic geometry, and that the non-compulsory a part of the curriculum should still comprise an issue relating to hyperbolic geometry. I The wide curiosity in hyperbolic geometry isn't a surprise. This curiosity has little to do with mathematical and clinical functions of hyperbolic geometry, because the purposes (for example, within the conception of automorphic capabilities) are really really expert, and usually are encountered through only a few of the various scholars who rigorously research (and then current to examiners) the definition of parallels in hyperbolic geometry and the distinctive gains of configurations of strains within the hyperbolic airplane. The relevant explanation for the curiosity in hyperbolic geometry is the real truth of "non-uniqueness" of geometry; of the lifestyles of many geometric systems.

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By a circle S in the Galilean plane we mean the set of points M(x,y) whose distances from a fixed point Q have constant absolute value r; the point Q(a,b) is called the center of S and the (nonnegative) number r its radius. Since dQM=x-a [cf. formula (5)], the equation 2 -r2 dQM- 40 I. Distance and Angle; Triangles and Quadrilaterals which defines S can be written as (x-a)2=r2, or x 2+2px+q=O, (7) where p= -a, q=a2-r2. (7a) It is clear that the circle S with center Q and radius r consists of the points on two special lines whose Euclidean distance from Q is r (Fig.

And so on. Nevertheless, in all of these time systems (whose origin is often linked to some mythical event) physical laws take the same form. To put it in simple terms, the choice of one calendar or another must have no effect on the content of physics. , the moment t = 0) in the new time system. mtal importance. The mathematical meaning of Galileo's principle of relativity is that all properties of (plane-parallel) motions which have mechanical significance are ex- 21 2. What is mechanics? J x Figure 17 pressible in terms of formulas which are invariant under the transformations (12).

34 I. ) This means that the concepts of lines, parallel lines, ratios of collinear segments, and areas of figures are significant not only in Euclidean geometry but also in Galilean geometry. Also, it is very important to note that any transformation (I) takes every line parallel to the y-axis into another line parallel to the y-axis. Thus, while in Euclidean geometry the term "line parallel to the y-axis" has no geometric significance (since such a line can be carried by a Euclidean motion into an arbitrary line; cf.

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