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By Ernest Drucker

Whilst Dr. John Snow first traced an epidemic of cholera to a water pump within the Soho district of London in 1854, the sector of epidemiology was once born. Taking an identical public overall healthiness techniques and instruments that experience effectively tracked epidemics of flu, tuberculosis, and AIDS over the intervening 100 and fifty years, Ernest Drucker makes the case that our present remarkable point of imprisonment has develop into an epidemic—a plague upon our physique politic.

Drucker, an the world over famous public overall healthiness pupil and Soros Justice Fellow, spent 20 years treating drug habit and one other twenty learning AIDS in a number of the poorest neighborhoods of the South Bronx and world wide. He
compares mass incarceration to different, well-recognized epidemics utilizing easy public health and wellbeing innovations: “prevalence and incidence,” “outbreaks,” “contagion,” “transmission,” and “potential years of lifestyles lost.”

He argues that imprisonment—originally conceived as a reaction to individuals’ crimes—has turn into mass incarceration: a destabilizing strength that undermines the households and groups it ambitions, destructive the very social constructions that hinder crime.

Sure to impress debate, this ebook shifts the paradigm of the way we predict approximately punishment through demonstrating that our unheard of charges of incarceration have the contagious and self-perpetuating good points of the plagues of prior centuries.

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