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By Ive Marx

Social scientists, politicians, and economists have lately been considering the concept the complicated welfare states of Europe face a “New Social Question.” The middle proposal is that the transition from an commercial to a postindustrial setting has introduced with it a complete new set of social dangers, constraints, and trade-offs, which necessitate radical recalibration of social protection platforms. a brand new Social query? analyzes that question intensive, with specific realization to the matter of source of revenue safeguard and the problems dealing with Bismarckian welfare states. it is going to be important interpreting for someone drawn to figuring out the way forward for eu social coverage.

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Defining educational attainment Thus, in what follows, we consider poverty and dependency trends from the perspective of schooling. In our analyses, we use two operationalisations: one absolute, the other relative. ’ The idea behind this approach is that each educational level represents a certain package of skills and knowledge. It is reasonable to assume, at least in the case of some educational levels, that this package has remained relatively unchanged in recent decades. indd 39  8-12-2006 15:12:44 same way as 20 or even 40 years ago.

Our hypothesis was, after all, that the incidence of double-income households has increased predominantly among the high-skilled, so that income inequality should have become greater at household level. However, as we have seen, double earnership has also increased strongly among households with medium-skilled and low-skilled women. And the differences between the average net earned income of the low-skilled and the high-skilled have – insofar as our information is reliable – remained stable, if we compare 1976 to 1997 that is.

The aggregate demand for labour had collapsed and the recession had intensified an already ongoing process of economic restructuring. The global recession and oil shocks had a very strong impact on the still numerous antiquated and energy-intensive companies, resulting in the loss of relatively well-paid, full-time ‘breadwinner’ jobs. In the early 1970s, Belgian industry was, for that matter, even more antiquated than the industries of other countries, at least according to Cassiers, De Villé and Solar (1996).

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