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By Louis Agassiz; Elizabeth Cary Agassiz

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All this kind of investigation is far too loose for our present object. Our work must be done with much more precision; it mnst tell something positive of the geographical distribntion of animals in Brazil. Therefore, my young friends who come with me on thi; expedition, let us be careful that every specimen has a label, recording locality and date, so secured that it shall reach Cambridge safely. It would be still better to attach two labels to each specimen, so that, if any mischanoll happens )b 10 A JOURNEY IN BRAZIL.

D. Bache, without feeling how campI' bensive, keen, and perse"ering was the intellect which has long presided over this department of om pu,lic works. The result is a very thorongh survey of the stream, especially akog the coast of our own continent, with sections giving the temperatuIL to a I"reat depth, the relations of the cold and warm streaks, the form :If the oceao bottom, al well as varions othm' details respecting the direction lllld 7 VOYAGE FROM: NEW YORK TO RIO DE JANEffiO. We are now fairly in the tropics.

Why does an insect stalld above a crustacean, or, vice ve1'sa, why is a grasshopper or a bu tterfiy structurally snperior to a lobster or a srn'imp? And indeed there must be a difference in opinion as to the respective standing of these gl'OUpS so long as their classification is allowed to remain a purely arbitrary one, based ouly upon interpretation of anatomical details. One man thinks the structmal features of Insects snperior, and places them higilest; another thinks the structnral features of the Orustacea highest, and places them at the head.

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