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By Mark A. Noll

From the full of life severities of the 17th-century Pilgrims and Puritans to the ebullience of the televanglism age, the Christian adventure in North the United States is wealthy and sundry. Noll covers all of it during this incredible narrative survey. Tracing the expansion of Christian trust and associations and their interactions with tradition within the U.S. and Canada from the colonial interval to the current, his technique is large and finished. Many biographical profiles upload a private measurement to the narrative.

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The American Catholic Experience. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1 985. Sale, Kirkpatrick. The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Colum bus and the Columbian Legacy. New York: Knopf, 1 990. Sandos, James A. "Junipero Serra's Canonization and the Historical Record. " American Historical Review 93 (Dec. 1 98 8 ) : 1 253-69. \Valsh, H. H. The Church in the French Era: From Colonization to the British Conquest. Toronto: Ryerson, 1 966. 29 CHAPTER 2 The English Reformation and the Puritans Psalm 121 I to the hills lift u p mine eyes, from whence shall come mine aid.

In the very early days of settlement, however, a degree of religious toleration unusual for the age also marked the new colonies. This development can be attributed to events taking place in France. When King Henry IV promulgated the Edict of Nantes in 1598, French Huguenots gained a measure of liberty for which they had been struggling since the early days of the Reformation. These Huguenots were Reformed or Calvin­ istic Protestants who largely came from the rising class of traders and mer­ chants.

Jolliet was European Expansion and Catholic Settlement seeking trade and establishing French claim to the region. Marquette was seeking souls. He had long heard of the Illinois Indians, rumored to be a vast multitude inhabiting the midlands of the continent, and Jolliet's expe­ dition gave him the chance to find them. " His initial contacts with these and other Native American groups were promising, but, worn out by his years of arduous travel in the New World, Marquette died in 1675, still short of his thirty-eighth birthday.

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