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By Richard M. Hogg

First released in 1992, A Grammar of outdated English, quantity 1: Phonology used to be a landmark book that during the intervening years has no longer been handed in its intensity of scholarship and value to the sphere. With the 2011 posthumous ebook of Richard M. Hogg’s Volume 2: Morphology, Volume 1 is back in print, now in paperback, in order that students can personal this whole work.

  • Takes account of significant advancements either within the box of outdated English reports and in linguistic theory
  • Takes complete good thing about the Dictionary of Old English undertaking at Toronto, and comprises complete cross-references to the DOE data
  • Fully makes use of paintings in phonemic and generative concept and comparable topics
  • Provides fabric the most important for destiny learn either in diachronic and synchronic phonology and in ancient sociolinguistics

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Example text

4 But note that in nWS the umlaut of ba was b, for example, hbran ‘hear’ as against EWS hceran. On the other hand, EWS also has hcran, and LWS hyran. 23 To the above theoretical arguments there may be added the following arguments from lOE and ME. Firstly, ea, when lengthened, develops as ba. 18 Orthography and phonology The balance of probability, but no more, is that this makes it more likely that ea was a short partner of ba rather than a monophthong. Secondly, qo and bo develop in parallel in eME, as /ø/ and /øp/, contrasting with the eME developmment of q and b as /e/ and /ep/, see Luick (1914: §§357, 361, 378).

For a listing of forms and discussion, see Chadwick (1899: 232–40), also Wynn (1956: §109), Pheifer (1974: §69). 3 In wbobud 〈b〉 may represent [b], see Campbell (1959: §461n3), and nwfre, nwbre is of uncertain etymology. Other forms are probably Latinisms, see Brunner (1965: §191A2), Cosijn (1888a: §130), which leaves only frbbranne as reliable. Note, however, poetical (GenA, Exo) tiber ‘sacrifice’. 1 it contrasted only in voicing with /t/ and is hence transcribed as /d/. Examples of /d/ are: dæ8 ‘day’, rcdan ‘ride’, tcd ‘time’.

Maffian ‘become shameless’, wlaffian ‘stammer’, woffian ‘blaspheme’, of uncertain etymology, may be metaphorically connected to the cases of onomatopoeia, as may lyffettan ‘flatter’, which would otherwise presuppose *lufjatjan. For all these types see Hogg (1982a). Other forms with 〈ff〉 do not represent /ff/, such as EpGl maffa ‘caul’, a corruption of Lat mappa, cf. 〈pt〉 for /ft/. 53. No doubt such a change in relations gradually evolved during the period. 59 The dental fricative was normally represented by 〈/〉 or 〈¨〉.

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