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By Michael Webb

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They need mental health treatment (many street people have mental illnesses), drug rehabilitation, counseling, healthy food and job training. Many people like to throw money into the panhandlers cup because it makes you feel good -- or at least it keeps you from feeling guilty. But if you really want to help the problem, donate money to a reputable homeless shelter, drug rehabilitation center or soup kitchen. Don't give beggars what they want -- give them what they need. I wonder how many people are out on the streets because well-meaning friends and family trained them to be that way.

In reality, relationships where husband and wife live under the same roof can essentially be long distance relationships if they have different (or too busy) schedules and rarely spend time together. I think it is nearly impossible (I did say *nearly*) for long distance relationships to remain blissful over the long term. By long term I mean two or more years being apart with less than two weeks being physically together each year. Intimate relationships thrive on touch, feel, sight and smell. If you find yourself apart from your loved one, here are some things you can do to survive the temporary separation.

I think there might be a connection. Is the kid inside you lost? If so, you better go find him. I've gotta go now. I hear the ice cream truck. 38 Fantasy Island What do romance novels, travel magazines, luxury home publications and soap operas have in common? All have the ability to ruin your relationship. Now, before someone jumps to the conclusion that I am condemning all the above, I am not. But you have to ask yourself a couple of questions. Do the books, magazines or television shows you regularly view encourage you to improve yourself or do they just make you feel insecure, resentful or ungrateful for who you are and what you have?

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